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About Us

FLEX-FEB ApS is a start-up company established with the aim of developing, designing and building the world's first flexible environmental protection barge for the purification of oil and other sources of pollution floating in the water surface. In addition, FLEX-FEB offers advice on maritime environmental protection and contingency planning.  


The name FLEX-FEB is derived from the company's core product: The unique environmental barge, which in one operation can collect oil-mixed water or other surface waste, such as plastic and seaweed / eelgrass, filter the water and direct the purified water back into the sea - The FLEXible Filtering Environmental Barge . 

Our Mission

We enable authorities and companies to collect polluting elements from the surface of the water, primarily in shallow waters, in a simple and cost-effective way, by offering a flexible and easy-to-use environmental protection barge with additional functional equipment and services.

Our Vision

We want to be the credible and preferred partner in combating oil pollution in shallow waters, and we will deliver cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions with "on-site" filtration capacity all over the world.

Our Team


Jens Walther

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Jens has a background as a naval officer and has supplemented his naval officer education with further technical education from an English university.

As a naval officer for 40 years, Jens was the commanding officer of several types of ships in the Royal Danish Navy. As Commanding Officer of the Navy's 1st Squadron in Frederikshavn, and as Commanding Officer of the Naval Home Guard in Denmark, he has been responsible for setting up Denmark's national maritime environmental contingency at sea.

Jens has worked a lot with emergency contingency issues, and has developed the functional emergency contingency model, which forms the operational and conceptual foundation for the Flexible Filtering Environmental Barges.


Erik Schmidt

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Erik was originally educated as a naval officer, and later active in the Naval Reserve . The education from the Navy is continuously supplemented with e.g. Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and MBA from Copenhagen Business School. After Erik left the Navy, he has held a number of leadership positions in e.g. shipping companies, ports, and offshore companies. He has also been CEO of three smaller trading and service companies. 


Erik's field of work has primarily been start-up and development/transformation of companies in Denmark and abroad, where he has been responsible for both organizational, commercial and technical projects. With his solid technical competence, Erik has been the driving force in the development and design of the Flexible Filtering Environmental Barge and accompanying functional equipment.

FLEX-FEB ApS is owned by Jens Walther and Erik Schmidt. Jens is the CEO and has the managerial responsibility, while Erik is the CTO, and has the technical responsibility for FLEX-FEB products.

Our Collaborators

FLEX-FEB's core competence is to contribute with knowledge about, and development of equipment for, maritime environmental protection.

Thus we work closely with a number of carefully selected experts and companies with special knowledge and expertise within specific technical areas.

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