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FLEX-FEB part of European Maritime Day

The 2024 edition of the European Maritime Day took place in Svendborg, Denmark, on 30-31 May at the SIMAC Academy- Svendborg International Maritime Academy, it was organized by the European Commission, the Municipality of Svendborg and the Danish Maritime Authority.


More than 1,200 stake holders from all European countries visited the EMD to discuss sustainable blue economy and maritime environmental protection.


During the event many took the opportunity to visit FLEX-FEB in the building and at the quayside to see the Flexible Environmental Protection Barge, FEB-I, on display and the FEB-I made a strong impression due to its


·      Short response time

·      Easy transport and handling – 20 ft container footprint

·      Easy operation – no special training requirements

·      Shallow water capability – only 60 cm draft

·      Flexible and multi-purpose

·      Low CAPEX

·      Low OPEX


FLEX-FEB received a lot of positive feedback, and many were impressed by FEB-I's simple functionality, and expressed the wish that their own authorities would invest in such a capability.

FEB-I has arrived at the European Maritime Day at the Port of Svendborg and is ready to be launched.

Early morning in the Port of Svendborg. The first curious visitors are briefed on the flexible environmental barge and its equipment and functionality.


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