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Naming ceremony of the world's first flexible environmental protection barge

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Jenny Braat, Bjarne Lausten, Jens Walther and Erik Schmidt in front of ”JENNY MILJØ” after the naming ceremony.

History was made when the world's first flexible environmental protection barge was named on Wednesday 22 JUN 2022 at Søby Værft on the island Aeroe in Southern Denmark. In the company of, among others, member of parliament Bjarne Laustsen (S), mayor of Aroe Peter Hansted and the name giver Jenny Braat, managing director of Danske Maritime (Danish Maritime), who had the honor of christening the environmental protection barge JENNY MILJØ.

The development, design and building of the flexible environmental barge was carried out in collaboration between FLEX-FEB and Søby Shipyard and completed in a year and a half with financial support from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the Danish Maritime Fund.

"The environmental barge is an excellent example of the many climate and environment-friendly initiatives that pervade the maritime industry these years. You don't just run a business – you also have a desire to contribute to positive progress. I will follow the work on the flexible environmental protection barge with interest. Now the barge will to be put to the test, and if it goes as expected, this will be another good example of technology that we, from the Danish side, send out onto the world market, so that others can benefit from it too. And in addition, I am of course honored that the vessel is now carrying my name," said Jenny Braat.

"It is a clear political wish to be able to use patrol vessels to solve marine environmental tasks in addition to military purposes and with flexible environmental protection barges this is not only possible, it is also a simple method that makes good socio-economic sense. We must always think new; that has been done here," said Bjarne Laustsen, who has been a member of the Danish Parliament for 25 years and is today a member of both the Danish Parliament's Defense and Environment Committees.

The future solution to marine environmental protection “JENNY MILJØ” in front of the solution of the past, the purpose built special vessel “GUNNAR THORSON”.

Mayor of Aeroe Peter Hansted and Member of Parliament Bjarne Lausten


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