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The Danish Technological Institute is Testing Coatings for FLEX-FEB

One of the major challenges when collecting oil from the water surface is all the oil that sticks to vessels and functional equipment. Often, more time is spent on cleaning vessels and gear than on the actual collection of the oil. Thus FLEX-FEB has, in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, launched a series of tests of different types of coatings in order to find a coating that can prevent or reduce the “sticking” of oil to the flexible environmental protection barge.

The coating will be exposed to the possible extremes in relation to oil and seawater mixtures, increased temperature, as well as the introduction of defects to observe how the coating reacts; especially during the liquid / air phase, where splashes and evaporation increase the possibility of corrosion and damage with prolonged exposure.

The photos show two coatings and a reference sample that demonstrates how oil and water mixture, at increased temperature, have affected the coating at the water level.


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