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The flexible environmental barge is launched at Søby Shipyard

On 28 FEB 2022 the flexible environmental protection barge, FEB-I, rigged and launched in a dry dock at Søby Shipyard, and subsequently it underwent a series of functional tests of skimmer, baffles and filters, etc., which all worked fine.

FEB-I turned out (as expected) to be a very stable platform that only tilts slightly when two people are moving around on the barge. Furthermore, the barge has additional buoyancy, which enable extra functional equipment to be mounted or included without the barge's draft exceeding 60 cm.

Prior to the launch, FLEX-FEB had carried out a number of successful tests of the special belt skimmer designed for use with the flexible environmental barge. The skimmer also turned out to work fine when mounted on the FEB-I, where it was connected to the barge's battery pack and control system.

The next step will be sea trials in the waters off Ærø (Denmark) in June 2022.

FEB-I in the air immediately before the launch.

FEB-I in the dry dock with skimmer and oil boom mounted.

The skimmer collects water from the surface, which is emptied into the open holding tank of the barge.


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