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Successful completion of the Beyond Beta program

On 06 and 07 DEC 2022 FLEX-FEB participated in the third and final part of "Beyond Beta", the incubation program for startup companies within the maritime and logistics sector, facilitated by Erhvervshus Nordjylland.

The last part was held on Ærø with a visit to Søby Shipyard, which has built FLEX-FEB's first flexible environmental barge, as well as the "Motorfabrikken Marstal" in Marstal, where the rustic premises formed the ideal setting for the workshop work on the participating companies' go-to-market strategies .

Tour of Søby Shipyard guided by CEO Tejs Beltov

Collection of old but still fully functional petrol boat engines on display at "Motorfabrikken Marstal".


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