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FLEX-FEB's basic idea is to be a Centre of Knowledge for maritime environmental protection, as well as developing and offering functional equipment for maritime environmental protection.


We have solid experience with contingency challenges, and have developed the functional contingency model, which forms the operational and conceptual foundation for the flexible environmental protection barges.

Maritime Environmental Consulting

The increased urbanization of many ports and the growing public awareness of the maritime environmental challenges, as well as focus on a risk-based scaling of emergency response plans, has led to increased demand for maritime environmental consultancy services.


FLEX-FEB offers advice on maritime environmental protection to e.g. municipalities, ports, emergency services, shipping companies and the offshore sector.

Maritime Contingency Planning

FLEX-FEB offers cost analysis of emergency response models based on legal requirements and relevant maritime risk scenarios to ports, authorities, and municipalities.


The contingency models are based on the functional approach (rather than a specialized approach), which ensures a locally based effective and financially attractive contingency.


The functional contingency concept is characterized by the fact that the deployment of the functional equipment and the transport platform (e.g. a vessel) are separate, which means that the transport platform can be used in everyday life for normally occurring operational tasks.


The functional environmental protection equipment can be used in both an emergency contingency capacity, as well as a tool in the daily, maritime environmental efforts.

Flexible Environment Barge

FLEX-FEB ApS has developed and designed the world's first Flexible Environmental protection Barge, which is being built in collaboration with Søby Shipyard, one of Denmark’s most innovative shipyards, well known for having built “Ellen” in 2020, a 100% electrically powered ferry, cruising the world's longest elecally powered  distance for a ship.


In one single operation the Flexible Environmental Protection Barge can collect oil-mixed water or other waste from the surface - for example plastic and seaweed - filter the water and return the purified water back into the sea.


The barges are modular and flexible, and easily configurable to meet the individual customers needs. Transport and handling of the barges is easy, with already available standard equipment - anywhere in the world. In addition to the Flexible Environmental Protection Barge, FLEX-FEB is continuously developing additional equipment to be used with the barges.


Thus, the Flexible Environmental Barge is a capacity to be used on a daily basis to clean ports and coastlines of surface waste, and at the same time it constitutes an immediate deployable emergency asset in the event of a local oil pollution scenario.

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